We are a group of motivated leaders with more than 30 years of combined experience in the procurement field. The team is composed by economists, business administrators, industrial engineers and specialists in foreign affairs that are procurement experts in several categories, such as: Logistics, packaging, Agro products, MRO, Chemicals and Indirects. In GM we are always looking forward to new challenges ensuring transparency, improvements and measurability.


GM is the perfect partner for everyone willing to have first-hand data: flexible, client-centric, with modular solutions configured to your requirements. We offer all of the advantages of an owner-managed company: maximum flexibility, personal customer service and reliable results from motivated and highly qualified consultants.


We have worked for Fortune 500 companies in the Agribusiness, FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage and Mining industries and we have also provided our services to smaller local and regional firms.


Our blend of procurement experience and deep knowledge of every single country in Latin America makes GM a reference in our region.


There is a big difference in making business in the Argentina of Cristina Kirchner and in the current administration of Mauricio Macri, it is not the same to source from Venezuela that from Colombia. Inflation, currency variations and import restrictions could modify the rules of the game dramatically. Because it is not easy to run business smoothly in such environment, we are here to support you in your international procurement projects, handling the challenges of sourcing in our region. Whether you need advice or wish to work together to implement your sourcing strategy, we will adapt our services to meet your needs.


With the best analysts and deep knowledge of the procurement environment across every Latin American country, create the most robust procurement knowledge assets and guidance in the world.


 To be the reference and the premier strategic procurement intelligence advisor in Latin America.


To understand the markets, channels and suppliers is becoming increasingly important for companies in order to develop a competitive advantage. However, language barriers, cultural differences, disparity in standards, political instability, regulatory and legal differences as well as uncomfortable time zones can all complicate access to procurement markets, especially if sourcing activities in Latin America are managed from Europe or India. This is why we created GM Procurement & Market Entry Solutions; a young, dynamic, booming company destined to be THE Latin American Procurement & Market Intelligence Provider.

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