LCCS is mandatory for global success, and identifying the right opportunities in your supply chain—from materials supply to research to engineering to manufacturing labor—can be tricky, given the need to balance lowering cost with accelerating time to market and mitigating risk. These days, global sourcing strategies are influenced by inflationary pressure on wages in emerging markets, shifting currency values, an increasing focus on greener supply chains, greater emphasis on increasing speed-to-market, regulatory compliance concerns, logistics costs, and scheduling, as well as the unique preferences and demands of emerging consumer markets. To get LCCS right, these issues and opportunities must be dealt with in new and innovative ways with total cost of ownership in mind.


Our unique approach includes the following steps:

Category Analysis:

•    Spend Profiling

•    LCCS Suitability

•    TCO Analysis

•    Benchmarking

•    Defining product specs


Country Assessment

•    Country Profiling

•    Risk Assessment


Supplier Identification and Profiling

•    Supplier Research

•    Capability Assessment


Negotiating the best commercial conditions

•    Strategy Development

•    Bid Process Management

•    Best Practices


Execution and Implementation

•    Contract Execution

•    Supplier On-boarding

•    Supplier Development.


Mexico and Brazil are the countries more frequently explored, but others typically less attractive due to poor infrastructure and a challenging environment to do business are worth to analyze because the payoff can be substantial and sustainable.




Comprehensive social, linguistic and professional competences are required to successfully implement complex projects in Latin America. To deliver value to the business it´s critical to have insight into the current cost and market dynamics of key categories & raw materials, together with early warnings of potential market risks.


We understand that cost-cutting is an important goal. However, besides cost savings, new imperatives have appeared as speed, flexibility and innovation. Plus, a thorough understanding of political, economic and regulatory environment is also required. GM Procurement Solutions acts as an extension of your procurement/purchasing department, offering deep expertise and comprehensive understanding of the region and its industries. This allows us to provide customized, actionable, robust, real time procurement intelligence and insights.


Procurement intelligence is GM’s core competency.  We have performed over 200 procurement intelligence reports with consistent positive outcomes for our clients. Our research experience includes the most diverse requests: from celebrities for an advertising campaign, to custom molded parts, to moriche palm or germanium. We can tackle your most complex projects or bring deep expertise and benchmarks to common spend areas.

Through Procurement Intelligence we can assist you in:

•    Finding out market opportunities

•    Staying informed about changes in the regulatory  and political environment

•    Making informed buying decisions

•    Carrying on effective negotiations

•    Identifying and mitigating supply chain risks


Why is corporate responsibility important?

Conducting business in a socially responsible way: Increases employee morale and productivity; Improves retention rates; Fewer health and safety incidents; Fewer quality incidents; Higher business performance; Builds and protects reputation with consumers, regulators and investors; and because is “the right thing to do”.


GM Procurement Solutions can help companies with high environmental, labor and ethical standards to reduce the negative impact that working with its offshored suppliers might have on their supply chain.


GM offers their clients the possibility to outsource the entire supplier accreditation process - Our rigorous supplier accreditation service assesses your prospective suppliers' compliance with your standards in terms of social compliance & human rights, business governance, financial stability and (where appropriate) technical capability.

We offer our experience and a close follow up program with the following stages:

Manage data and reporting. Analyze gaps and opportunities.
Engage suppliers to fullfil all social responsability standards.
Supplier's Risk assessment Escalate for closure of outstanding exceptions.  
Audit communication and follow up of risky suppliers.
Manage Risk nos-conformances. Supplier substitution when necessary.



Entering a new market is a complicated process and requires a clear understanding of local culture, behavior, language, and business regulations and practices. We can help you identify, develop and penetrate new markets for sustainable growth. Our range of services includes:

•    Research and advisory services which will help you and your company to make the right decision when it comes to identifying your next market.

•    Product and concept / idea validation services to clients who are interested in gauging the acceptability and market readiness of their products and services in identified target markets.

•    If the client has already identified their next target market, at this stage, the need of the hour is to evaluate various ‘Market-Entry’ models available to them and choose the ‘Best-Fit’ option that is most likely to result in successful and sustainable market penetration.

•    Channel Partner Development: help in providing access to a suitable ‘Channel Partner’ which is already domestic to the target market, either in the same or allied industry.

•    Sales Outsourcing:  Especially important when you are in the initial stages of entering a new market, and are looking to augment your sales efforts in order to develop new leads and close more deals. In this case, Bazaar Gateway and GM can provide an added impetus to your efforts by generating additional leads and business contacts for your products and services.

Through our partnership with Bazaar Gateway (global company focused on providing ‘Market – Entry’ services in targeted growing market), we can also provide this service globally.

Using the existing company´s network spread across 5 continents, 10 countries and 15 industries we bring:

•    Exposure of your products and services to SME sector, Fortune 500 companies, Family Owned Business and Start Ups;

•    Global Access to more than 2500 Companies spread across Industry Segments and Geographies

•    Strong Access to Government Departments and Organizations across India: Central Government and 6 States



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End-to-End solution for your reports. From scoping to review.

From one single analyst to a customized full unit (analysts, EM, PM) working exclusively on your projects.

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